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FAQs for Thermostatic Mixer Valves

Q) What is the distance between pipe centres on the bar mixer valve?

A) 150mm

Q) What is the distance between pipe centres on the concentric mixer valve?

A) 155mm

Q) How do I connect the hot and cold water on an inline mixer valve?

A) The Cold is the bottom fitting marked blue – and the hot is top fitting marked red.

Q) Does it matter which way I fit the hot and cold supply to the mixer valve?

A) Yes, it must be fitted the correct way, hot on the left and cold on the right.

Q) Can I have a drawing with dimensions for the valve?

A) Yes, they are available on each product page, see 'Technical Drawing'.

Q) What is the minimum water pressure my mixer valve will work at?

A) It will work at 0.1 bar but to have a good shower we recommend 0.5 bar.

Q) The valve I have fitted only has hot water coming out of it?

A) Check the water is connected the correct way ie have you got hot going to the left side, marked with a red mark, cold to the right marked with a blue mark?

Q) The water from my shower is cold?

A) . Things to check:
1. Check the power selection is on hot
2. Clean the shower head of any dirt and debris
3. Restart the unit on the hot setting and if you still have no hot water contact our customer service department on 0845 5052211

Q) Do you sell an easy fit kit for your mixer valves?

A) Yes, these can be found under the 'Thermostatic Mixer Valve' section. Please find your local stockist via the below link

Q) Will the shower work if I connect cold to mains pressure and hot to gravity?

A) No. You would need to ensure that both hot and cold are at approximately the same pressure to maximise the performance.

Q) Can I use mains cold pressure and pumped hot water?

A) You can if the pressures are similar; it is better to use a pump for both so they are on the same pressure.

Q) Why have I got to fill in a form to get a service call?

A) Because we need written agreement to confirm we can visit your property and it outlines the conditions of the service visit which you need to agree to. This can be done by post, fax or email.

Q) Why do I need to provide proof of purchase to arrange a service call?

A) To ensure we know the valve is an MX product and within the warranty period and that valve is covered by the service call agreement.

Q) The valve was registered when purchased, is this sufficient proof of purchase for the service call?

A) Yes, please give us the details of your registration and we will confirm the service call.

Q) How do I know which type of valve I have?

A) Every valve has a reference number etched on the body of the valve at the rear.

Q) I have a tank 1 meter above the shower head what will the pressure be?

A) Two answers:
1. 1M head is 0.1Bar
2. 5M head is 0.5 Bar