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FAQs for Shower Trays

Q) Do I need to use sand and cement to fit my tray?

A) Cement mortar is required for MX Classic, Elements, Expressions and Gravity shower trays. If in doubt always reference the installation instructions supplied with the shower tray.

Q) Do I need to use an adhesive to for my tray?

A) An adhesive is required for MX Ducostone, Ducolite and Optimum shower trays.

Q) What is the function of a bed of sand and cement?

A) The purpose of sand and cement (MX Classic, Elements, Expressions and Gravity shower trays) is to provide a medium onto which a shower tray can be levelled and when dry, forms a loadbearing support between the floor base and the shower tray.

Q) What ratio should I mix my sand and cement?

A) A standard mortar mixture is 3-4 parts sand to 1 part cement however, you don't want the mixture to be too wet or too dry i.e ensure the mix is workable to permit coverage and levelling.

Q) What is a suitable anti crumbling cement additive?

A) Mortar mix plasticiser will perform the anti-crumbling function.

Q) What is a suitable contact adhesive?

A) Contact your local DIY and request an adhesive intended for sticking ABS (the plastic base of the shower tray) to wood/concrete as applicable. It must be a non-elastomeric adhesive.

Q) Why do you not clearly state a brand of adhesive to use?

A) MX cannot test every brand on the market and do not control or know what a particular store may stock. Therefore, our advice has to be generic and is aimed at assisting the stockist in their choice of a suitable adhesive. However, we can recommend our own brand of MX Compound Adhesive as this has been specially developed for our Ducostone, Ducolite and Optimum shower trays.

Q) Can I cut areas of my shower tray?

A) Never cut a shower tray unless it is clearly stated in the installation instructions supplied with the shower tray.

Q) Are your Low Profile trays as strong as the Classic standard height trays?

A) Yes, there is no difference in strength. All shower trays are in conformance with BS EN 14527 and requires installation in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions.

Q) Are your shower trays Non-Slip?

A) Our general shower trays are not specifically Anti-Slip however, we have a large range of specified Anti-Slip showers trays available. For full details of sizes and shapes please reference our product guides.

Q) Are the sizes of your shower trays exact to the guide?

A) The nominal generic size designations given in our guides are shown from the top of the shower tray (for enclosure compatibility comparison) not the base as often measured however, all shower trays are angled out at the base. This is a common manufacturing practice to permit the product to be extracted from the moulds.

Q) The waste location shown on the guide is directly over an obstruction at floor level, what can i do?

A) Consider raising the shower tray by either purchasing one of our MX Panel Riser Kits or construction a fully supporting plinth for the tray to sit on.

Q) Can all MX shower trays be used on legs/panel kits?

A) Yes, for the type of Panel Riser Kit required and the possible requirement of a Baseboard Accessory Kit, please reference the shower tray and riser kit installation instructions supplied with the shower tray/ kit.
Note! Some shapes of special shower trays may not have corresponding panel shape available.

Q) How much water can a waste unit deal with?

A) A 50mm (Standard) Waste unit can take up to 27 litres per minute. A 90mm Waste unit can take up to 32 litres per minute. However, this is highly dependent on the pipe run, the number of fittings and types of fittings, therefore, water flow MUST be checked before finishing any installation.

Q) I have been advised that water can escape from a fitted walk-in or frame-less enclosure, why?

A) It is normal for spillage to occur from walk-in or frame-less type enclosures either fitted to an ultra low profile or high wall shower tray. This is due to flow pressure from some types of shower heads temporarily overcoming drainage angles. Consider fitting a threshold seal along open areas or changing to a duly framed enclosure if the problem is considered excessive.

Q) I have been advised that water can retain on the surface of a shower tray is this correct?

A) Yes, it is normal for small amounts of localised water to be retained, especially on textured finished trays such as our Minerals or Anti-Slip shower trays.

Q) Will any enclosure fit an MX shower tray?

A) Almost all enclosure systems will fit MX shower trays however, reference MUST be made to the requirements/specification of your chosen screen before fitting.

Q) There is no tiling upstand shower tray available for the size/shape i need, what can I do?

A) Consider purchasing an MX Flexi Seal Strip that can convert any MX flat top shower tray into a tiling upstand simply and quickly.

Q) What is the internal depth of my shower tray?

A) The internal depth is highly variable, due to the integral standing areas gradient and the conical drainage design. However, as a general guide, the lowest point internally at the periphery of the waste outlet is approximately 15mm less the the total external height of the shower tray.

Q) What is the maximum load/weight the shower tray will take?

A) All MX shower trays are NOT limited by a maximum weight limit in a standard installation.
However, the use of a Panel Riser Kit will limit the load by the number of foot assemblies used i.e. a single foot is rated at 120kg max weight so therefore if you were to use 5 feet in your installation this would be a 600kg limit.