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FAQs for Shower Tray Accessories

Q) How much water can my MX waste unit deal with?

A) A 50mm waste unit can take up to 27 litres per minute. A 90mm waste unit can take up to 32 litres per minute.

Q) What is the purpose of a Baseboard Accessory Kit?

A) The kit is intended to provide a secondary platform in conjunction with a Panel Riser Kit for the tray to sit on in difficulty installation situations and where rigidity is compromised i.e settlement or other forms of excess movement.
Note! MUST be used with Optimum, Classic, Ducostone and Ducolite (sizes over 1000mm or if cut).

Q) How do I fit my Baseboard Kit to my shower tray?

A) The boards must be adhered to the tray with the MX Compound Adhesive supplied with the kit.

Q) What is the maximum load/weight the shower tray will take?

A) All MX shower trays are NOT limited by a maximum weight limit in a standard installation.
However, the use of a Panel Riser Kit will limit the load by the number of foot assemblies used i.e. a single foot is rated at 120kg max weight so therefore if you were to use 5 feet in your installation this would be a 600kg limit.

Q) What is the height of the Panel Riser Kits?

A) The panels in the kits are 95mm in height.

Q) How much compound adhesive should be used if applicable to the tray type?

A) A guide for coverage using MX Compound Adhesive:
1 Tube- up to a 900 Square tray
2 Tubes- up to a 1200x Rectangle tray
3 Tubes- up to a 1500x Rectangle tray
4 Tubes - over 1500x Rectangle

Q) Can i lower or raise the leg to give a gap smaller or bigger than 96mm under the shower tray?

A) The legs can be adjusted nominally from 75mm to 113mm. However, the panels are 95mm high without using an alternative and the waste unit requires a gap of 80mm to fit without recessing into the floor.

Q) Can I remove the panels at a later date?

A) Yes, the panel assembly is designed to enable ease of access to inspect the plumbing or to adjust leg assemblies if required.

Q) Can I bend an extendable Flexi Waste Pipe in any direction?

A) Yes, horizontally however, care must be taken to avoid sagging or kinking the pipe causing an airlock.

Q) Can i use a Flexi Seal Strip on any shower tray?

A) Yes, almost all flat top shower trays will accept the Flexi Seal Strip.