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FAQs for Shower Accessories

Q) How do I clean My Showerhead?

A) You should only clean our shower head with soap and warm water- no harsh chemical cleaning agents. The easy 'rub clean face plates' allow you to dislodge any dirt and debris from the rubber nibs on the shower head.

Q) What is the diameter of my riser rail?

A) Under 'Products', then 'Shower Accessories' on the MX website, you will find the riser rails; each product has details of the rail diameter.

Q) I have an MX preformed curtain rail and need to know what the pack should consist of?

A) Straight rails consist of: hooks, gliders, end brackets and screw pack.
Curved rails consist of: hooks, gliders, end brackets, ceiling support and screw pack.

Q) Why is my shower head leaking?

A) If you have a Thermostatic Mixer Valve it may be that you r shut off valve is not closing properly. If you have an Electric Shower, it may be that the solenoid valve is not working correctly Please contact the service line on 0845 5052211.

Q) Why is my Stainless-Steel Riser Rail changing colour?

A) It may be possible for the polished stainless-steel to become tarnished/blemished through handling and with the use of harsh/abrasive cleaning products, giving it a slight gold coloured or dull effect to the rail. The stainless-steel tube could be restored by polishing it with a metal polish.

Q) Are your accessories compatible with other brands?

A) Whilst we cannot test all of the products on the market, out accessories have a 1/2" BSP threaded connector which is standard/universal size in the UK.

Q) What are the dimensions of my product?

A) All products have a technical drawing available on their page, this will give you all the measurements of the product.