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FAQs for Screens & Enclosures

Q) The seals on my screen/enclosure are discoloured

A) This is usually caused from cleaning products; we would recommend that only soap and water be used to clean seals.

Q) The wheels on my enclosure are juddering

A) We would recommend that a silicon based spray be used on the runners to help release the wheels from juddering

Q) My enclosure doors do not meet/do not close together correctly

A) This could indicate that adjustment to the rollers would be required

Q) For Further Information/advise

A) For further information/advise regarding your MX shower screen or enclosure please contact our customer care department on: 0845 5052211.

Q) What thickness glass is my enclosure?

A) We have a few variants of glass thickness; this would be dependant on the range of enclosure/screen you have. Please refer to your instruction booklet or call the customer care department for advice- 0845 5052211.

Q) What guarantee does my enclosure/screen come with?

A) All screens and enclosures come with a 1 year replacement guarantee.

Q) Will any enclosure fit an MX shower tray?

A) Almost all enclosure systems will fit MX shower trays however, reference MUST be made to the requirements/specification of your chosen screen before fitting.