17th December 2014

Importantly, and contrary to rumours filtering back to us here at MX HQ in Tewkesbury, all our products (apart from the gel coat shower trays) are unaffected by the fire - so that's all MX Shower Trays, our thermostatic showers, our electric showers, our shower enclosures and all our shower accessories, all of them, unaffected by the fire in any way - manufacturing and delivery is as it's always been- excellent and on time!

I'd like to share with you my gratitude and respect for a number of people who have been responsible for helping us to get over the fire so quickly and back into production in such a short time. I'd like to start with the fire service, whose team were magnificent on the night, displaying their knowledge and understanding of how to restrict damage and address the complex nature of the fire - we owe them a considerable debt of gratitude. The insurance company, which has been extremely helpful and straightforward in their dealings with us. Our customers, who have been understanding and patient and happily surprised by how little disruption there has been to our dealings with them, apart from the communications issues we had initially due to telephone and internet lines 'melting' in the fire. And finally and by no means lastly - our employees who have been brilliant right the way through things, everyone pulling in the same direction, as we made huge efforts to recover from the situation we were in.

Now for an update on the fire and the situation following it.

There are two things you can do if you have a serious fire on your premises that interrupts normal operations as we have had. You can stare at the destruction, get upset and depressed and let it get you down or you can get everyone you need on board, clean up, re-vamp the premises, address the challenge and get things up and running as quickly as possible.

At MX - as you might expect - we've done the latter and after the fire on Thursday 13th November, we were back up and making trays by Monday 17th November and here we are a month down the line, we've trained up a number of new members of staff and from Monday 15th we have moved to a 24 hour production.

Let's look in detail at what we have done and what is planned in the next three months or so.

We lost several hundred production moulds for shower trays in the fire - these were production moulds not master moulds which are kept off site. By Monday 8th December we had replaced many lost moulds so that we now have at least one of every size of tray we require. By the start of February 2015 every one of the tools we lost in the fire will be replaced and in full production.

As MX needs to produce for 24 hours out of this unit we have bought a fully manufacturer refurbished mixing and pouring machine, a Heavy Duty Grinder and an additional packing machine.

The demolition of Unit 2B (the burned out part of the site) began on Monday 15th, and we expect to have the factory rebuilt and in production by early April.

The new factory will comprise one streamlined unit for shower tray manufacturing with all the latest technology. We have already ordered a new pouring machine, the latest Grinding machine and an additional packing machine all for delivery by mid-March.

So you can see that far from gloom and despondency, we are very excited about the future here at MX. The majority of our products are unaffected by the fire and those that are will be back to normal delivery levels by early 2015.

Look out for our new catalogue - due out in February - that combines all of the MX brochures into one handy catalogue for specifiers and contractors alike.

MX has come through this temporary 'blip' stronger and more ready to serve you than before. It's so true that for every cloud, there's a silver lining and we at MX are facing the future with confidence and determination, to continue to grow and provide the products you want, in the quality you demand and at the prices you want to pay.

Thank you for your interest and patience.

Bernard Robinson

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