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An update to all

20th November 2014

Dear All

Well it has been an incredible 6 days! First we lose a factory (I am sure by now you will have seen You Tube and other pictures).

The fire not only took out one of our three Shower Tray factories, it took out all of our communications, our computer networks and all of the electric into our Unit 2C, where the offices were.

Our electric showers, mixer valves, accessories and enclosure business are totally unaffected and it is only shower trays where we have a minor difficulty.

By the Monday afternoon at 3.30, our incredible employees had worked miracles and we had not only cleaned down, cleaned all the soot out, we had washed and cleaned and prepared all of the moulds and we were making ABS stone resin shower trays (see pictures attached).

It will take another few days to get back to full production and another week on top of that to get into full 24 hour production. This means that for the next two weeks, please will you bear with us and help us when we telephone you asking you to allow us to deliver your order in 2 or 3 drops as opposed to 1.

We have today, Thursday 20 November, been able to relocate our offices, install a new network and hopefully by the time you receive this, had all of the telephones diverted, so that we can give you a full and efficient administration service.

Again for the next day or two, can you please be patient while we finally sort out the correct routing of the telephone calls. If you are having problems with our normal phone & fax numbers please try these alternative numbers; 01684 854402 (phone), 01684 854425 (fax).

What can I say? All of our staff have surpassed themselves with their efforts, loyalty and contributions. I am so proud of them all.

We will be looking after each and every one of you. We will be making contact and trying to resolve all sorts of problems. If you check our Website, we will update it at least every other day.

Thank you again for your support.

B L Robinson, Chairman

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