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FAQs for Shower Trays

Q) Do I need to use sand and cement to fit my tray?

A) We advise with a stone resin tray you do use sand and cement. This helps to support the base of the tray.

Q) What is the internal depth of my tray?

A) The internal depth is variable, due to the gradient of the drainage design.

Q) How much water can my waste unit deal with?

A) 50ml waste unit can take up to 27litres per minute.

90ml waste unit can take up to 32litres per minute.

Q) Are your trays designed to be used with any type of shower enclosures?

A) Please check this with the enclosure manufacturer using our specification guides for assistance NB: all sizes are nominal.

Q) How do I fit my easy plumb boards to my tray?

A) The boards should be adhered to the tray with MX compound adhesive supplied with the kit.

Q) What is the height of the easy plumb kit?

A) The kit is designed to be used at a height of 95mm, this enables the panels to fit correctly.

Q) Can the easy plumb kits go higher than your specified height?

A) No, however, they can be used on top of a separate raised plinth installation.

Q) Are your trays non-slip?

A) We do not and cannot for legal reasons sell or advertise our trays as non-slip, however we do offer an Anti Slip Kit for further information contact our customer service department on 0845 5052211.

Q) Are your low profile trays as strong as the Classic standard height trays you supply?

A) Yes, they are as strong, if not better, and all of our trays conform to BS6340/5.